Issue 1, Spring 2020 Theme: Discipline

Issue 1 explores the theme Discipline, which unfolds over five chapters: Control, Community, Environment,Family and Post-Visibility, featuring Damson Idris, Liz JohnsonArtur, Alfredo Jaar, Mowalola, and more.  

The work of Algerian-bornartist Mohamed Bourouissa has been deployed for the cover of thepublication’s digital edition. Bourouissa’s display of power dynamics, societal tensions and gang culture in urban peripheries urge the reader to uptake heightened regard for community and coexistence at a time of isolation.  

Pages: 250

Artist: Mohamed Bourouissa
Artwork: Le Miroir, part of the series "Peripherique" (2006)
Courtesy: The artist and Kamel Mennour


Alexander Ingham Brooke
Alfredo Jaar
Ajamu X
Association of Queer Ethnic Minorities
Campbell Addy
Hamish Wirgman
Helene Selam Kleih
Hendrick Schneider
Ib Kamara
Issac Poleon
James Massiah
Jazz Grant
Jules Moskovtchenko
Kenneth Ize
Kim Jakobsen To
Liz Johnson Artur
Mahoro Seward
Megumi Matsuno
Mischa Notcutt
Mohamed Bourouissa
Nicholas Daley
Oladele A Bamgboye
Olusegun Romeo Ogun
Osei Bonsu
Rafael Pavarotti
Sara Mathiasson
Sylvie Macmillan
Taylor Thorski
Theo White Wine
Topher Campbell
Trinity Ellis
Troy Fearn
+ Many More

*The Digital edition of Issue 1 grants access to readers for a duration of 30 days*

Boy.Brother.Friend will be donating 50% of proceeds from sales of the digital edition of Issue 1 to the London based charity, Association of Queer Ethnic Minorities (AQEM), in support of communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With love,
BBF Team